Monday, September 1, 2008

Dying for Pride

I remember watching a movie where there was this group of elite soldiers with their motto "No one gets left behind". And in saying so, they mean everyone gets home, whether dead or alive. So this team went on a 'sneak in, steal and sneak out' mission and succeeded, but failed to retrieve one of their friend's body who died in combat. So as their motto said, they went back to the combat zone to retrieve the body and with their guns blazing, knowing that there was little chance in getting out alive themselves. And more of them died. And more bodies had to be carried back, which caused more of them to die. So in the end, they all died.

And I was thinking, that's pretty stupid isn't it. Sacrificing the whole team's lives just to TRY to retrieve a DEAD body of one of their team members. If the guy was not dead but captured by the enemy, then I would totally understand. But this is just a body! Just to be brought home and be buried.

So what I think was that this guys died for their pride. Their pride that everyone of them will be given a proper burial with a proper body. Because in failing to bring back the body of a dead comrade, they will fail in their motto, thus losing their pride. No matter that a dead person is still dead, whether left to rot combat zone or buried at home.

So, i was thinking, is it worth dying for pride? And if it is, what pride is worth dying for? The pride of personal abilities? The pride of being able to keep everything you say? Or even, the pride of being a Christian?

But first, as Christians, are we suppose to have pride at all? Didn't the Bible say 'blessed are those who are meek, for they will inherit the earth'? So then should we strip of our pride completely? But then also, shouldn't we be proud to have Jesus as our friend?

So in all, my questions are, should we have pride? And if we do, what are we proud of? And is it worth dying for pride?

p.s. I hope I'm making sense...haha...


Anonymous said...

It makes sense to be proud.

But like what you said, its what kind of proud which makes all the difference.

If we are proud because of good grades, of course it isn't righteous.

But relatively, in your post, i believe they died for their pride, but not that kind of pride. this pride is their honor and what they live by. If they hadn't went back to retrieve their dead friend, they lose their honor, which is the last thing a soldier would lose. Soldiers would die for it, like in the show.

But its always ok to show off, or to be proud of God. Isn't he just wonderful to us? Because of this, why not show it off to others, you'd never know whether others might come to know Jesus, right?

wai leem
Why Lame?

ja said... i guess God can be our pride, but not anything else...haha..thx

May said...

Hey, there's a LOT going on beneath that smile, eh? xD

I just read your entries (you can make an educated guess how I found your blog)and seriously, the issues you're bringing up are what I've racked my brain over before.

To this day, I still can't find definite answers - all I can conclude based on my interactions with people is "do everything in moderation with the correct motives".

I'm not sure how much sense you can derive out of the above paragraphs, though. =P

ja said...

re may:
haha...i know what you're trying to say la...haha...moderation.. hmm.. but to get results, sometimes we must take extreme it'll be moderate that does not make sense...=p