Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Power of Music

Music...Why does it feel so good to hear? Can anyone honestly say that they have not been captured by the spellbound of music before?

Well, I've got a theory about why listening to music feels so good.

For me, music or a song itself does not mean much. Of course good songs and catchy tunes are nice to hear, but it doesn't have that much an impact on people. What I think is that only when we attach certain meaning or memories to the song itself, that it touches right down to our souls.

The music is only a way to express feeling and bring out memories in a much greater way. For example, we may attach a sorrowful memory on a happy song, and when we hear that song, we don't feel happy, but rather melancholy.

But it doesn't mean we must consciously remember a memory by a song. We might hear a song for the second time and suddenly feel so touched. Sometimes you may not even know what that memory was or even what it meant! But nonetheless, your soul does and your heart sings.

We all know that we can worship God through music. But is it the music or the lyrics that we use to worship? Is it possible to worship without lyrics? Well, I think it is, as we can attach our personal feelings and thoughts through the music and not through the lyrics. After all, the lyrics express the feelings of the writer and not our personal feelings, which may be different.

And some people might even attach other feelings on worship songs, and when they sing, they sing with passion, but not for God, but for other feelings.

For example, you had a very stressed day and you're feeling down and depressed. Then you go for a Christian meeting and sing you heart out. You might be
1. Expressing your feelings to God through the songs which is worshiping him , or
2. Singing like you would sing any other song to release your tension and express your feelings just because it makes you feel better.
Number 2 is not worship, but does it mean it's wrong? Well, I guess there are times to worship and times to just release what we're feeling.

Well, I guess music is just beautiful because it enable us to express what we really feel, without hypocrisy, and it helps us remember events which are truly meaningful.

So, that's it. I don't even know whether what I'm saying is nonsense. Feel free to correct me. =)

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Anonymous said...

hello hello!

I seem to always be the first to comment in the posts' ever since i found your blog.

Yes, music is an expression of oneself, but worship is not expression of releasing tension or feelings, depends what kind of feeling is it.

But nonetheless, worship is act of glorifying God. It even need not be singing songs, it can even be suffering for God, now that's worship! so yea, worship isn't an something for us to release tension.

Although we may have banyak "kao kao" stress that day, we still can worship God, for when we worship God, its suppose to be joyfully worshiping God.

That's all.. =]