Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Society is harsh... Society is judgemental... Society is unfair... Society discriminates... It is always watching itself - like a hungry bunch of wolves with no food but themselves. Preying on those who are different, unique, special - or brave enough to be.

So, who wants to be lunch? Or who is brave enough to be lunch? Well, I think not most of us. So what do we do? Do we argue and say that no one should be lunch? Of course not! We'll be the appetizer... Then what? We pretend. That's right, we pretend... Like sheep in wolf skin. Ha ha... We pretend to be what society expects us to be; to be 'normal' or even popular. So that we'll be accepted; so that we won't be the 'prey'...

Well, different societies have different levels of harshness. I would say Malaysian society is tame compared to what students in - let's say - America have to go through. But still, we are forced - because we don't want to become food - to put on a mask at certain times. Something like a half-wolf and half-sheep; with the wolf part being a mask, and the sheep part being who we really are. We pretend that it is actually who we are; when part of it is actually what we make ourselves be.

But as time passes, as we grow up, hopefully - hopefully - we can find a way to be ourselves while being accepted by our society. The other two alternatives are to live in pretence for the rest of our lives - which I don't think is good, or find the courage to be who we really are and endure the society's bullies - which is self-explanatory..

And there is also a chance that if we keep on pretending, we might really become what we pretend to be. The mask of pretence is stuck so tightly on us that after some time, it seeps in to our face and becomes our face. And our real 'face' might me lost.

We all pretend to be accepted. It's not a question and I'm not saying it's wrong. But when the mask start's to 'become' us and we start to forget how we really look like, I think it is time to take it off, right?

When we want to be what others want us to be more than what we ourselves want us to be, we are putting the opinions of others in front of ours. And when the opinions of others is what matters, then do we ever really have an opinion of our own?


Anonymous said...

i agree wif u
many ppl, including me, wants to be 'accepted by society'

as i read ur post, i thought of this, what for being 'accepted by society'?

kinda reminds me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the hypocrisy thing

and what makes you post these things, what gives you the inspiration/idea?

or is it just sth that pops out of ur head?

ja said...

You're asking what's the point in being accepted by society is it? Well, so that we won't be discriminated or be the outcast la..

Ha ha... Both. I get inspiration/ideas from anything and everything. Books, movies, blogs, etc.. And sometimes it's just 'something that pops out off my head'...

Anonymous said...

then we become part of the society,

wouldn't that make us to be 'harsh, judgmental, unfair, discriminative'?

Anonymous said...

wait, nvm that,

just remembered the title: 'Us'

so i guess that we ARE 'harsh, judgmental, unfair, discriminative'