Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Future Scares. . .

The future... Form 4. Form 5. SPM. SAT I? SAT II? Scholarship to US? Uni? STPM? A-levels? *Sigh*

What should I do? Or more like: What do I want to do? Hmmm... All I want is a good education: good teachers, good teaching, good environment, competitive classmates, etc. And from what I hear, the quality of education provided in local colleges and unis in Malaysia - even the better ones - are WAY below the good ones in US.

But in order to be even considered as a possibility to be one of the students that might be accepted AND given a scholarship to top US unis, I have to do well in exams... E.X.A.M.S...

Just in case you didn't know, both my older brothers did just that. And I'm soo jealous... =P

Well, on one hand I want to go to a good uni to get a good education, but on the other, there is an inevitable expectancy from everyone - including myself - to do as well as my older siblings. Anyone with "smart" older siblings will experience this pressure... inevitably.

Anyway, I'll just have to study "hard" and see... and pray.... and go cold-turkey on internet addiction. Hehe...

So... Things are gonna start getting busy in a months time. School everyday, four hours of badminton training six times a week, add-maths and malay tuition, and the rest of the time spent building my English vocabulary, reading TIME magazine and studying, all in preparation for a probable SAT exam. And also the five or more badminton competitions that are going to be held throughout the year. And I really hope I can wiggle away from my sport's teacher's grasps; as to fail would be to be forced into the school athletics team - which would take up another chunk of my time. Which also reminds me that my school's basketball Under-18 team will be short of players next year; hope they don't ask me back (I conveniently stopped going to practices in the middle of this year).

And another thing: I'm thinking of taking piano diploma lessons again - I stopped in the beginning of this year - as my grade 1-8 piano teacher just started accepting diploma students, but I might not be able to fit it in my schedule and it might be too much to cope with. Think I should or not? Hmm...

(All of the below is written on Sunday, 21 December 2008)

Just came back from a great EBC youth camp yesterday. I won't talk - or write - much about it as what is to be said has already been said by this person, this person also, also this person, and I'm sure lots more. More pictures...

And about the future... It doesn't seem so scary anymore. I know God will lead me and guide me through whatever that comes next. And no matter how bad or down things might seem, I know that all of it is ultimately for my own good, and I'll just trust in Him.

Another thing is I realise that I'm quite a show-off...*sigh* I mean, all of us have that human side of us - no matter how concealed it is - that wants everyone to admire us for what we're capable of doing, our abilities, our works, our talents, etc. But I realise: IT'S NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF! So what I can do this and do that? That's not important at all! It's all temporal and insignificant - although we are thankful, nonetheless, to He who gave it to us. The only thing we can truly boast in (but also in a humble way, if you get what I mean), the thing that is eternal and of the utmost importance, is that God lives in us, and we in Him. =)


Anonymous said...

Study tips for you and EuFFie ~ Study all you can before you go to school especially Sejarah and Bio. you need to be very familiar with memorizing subjects for fast revision before exams.Ask God to show you things or study things that will come out for exams. He will make you study certain things without you consciously thinking, it also comes out in exam. Or He will tell you directly...
Sounds like cheating rite...Nolah,Just kidding
Form 4 and Form 5 ~ Pay attention in class for Exam tips.2/3 weeks before exams.

Addmaths~ bring the book wherever you go, practise and practise, even at the badminton court...Euffie should go Addmaths tuition next year, I know, Form 3. She can cope, If you're through with Addmaths Form 4 in Form 3, it will be a piece of cake.

Physics ~ Just understand and do tons of exercises~ questions repeat all the time.

Take General Science~ extra subject, I took in Form 5 but finish everything in a month, it's free A1.

I guess thats about it...lol.EuFFie, PMR ~ it's not only there, prepare more for Form 4. I regret I didn't study them in Form 3 or go tuition.lol


Euffie said...

I went to addmath tuition once last november, then got too lazy. XD

j@Ve said...

I quote Jia Ahn:
"Anyone with "smart" older siblings will experience this pressure... inevitably."

Jia Wern and I say:
"We the so-called smart older siblings will be surpassed by our younger siblings... inevitably."

LOL, Jwern and I actually whined about this when we were in Form 4 or Form 5.

Anonymous said...

Guess your older brothers are right. "We the so-called smart older siblings will be surpassed by our younger siblings... inevitably"
Lol, I'm preparing for mine too. I'm sure both u and Euffie can make it. It's very tough but very worth it. I'm laughing at all the comments on Jia Ahn being single in Facebook. Go JA! Prove to the girls you want to be single for God.hahaha, they even bid money on you.. Whatlah..


APYH said...

"I know God will lead me and guide me through whatever that comes next."

Amen. God Bless you too!

ja said...

Re Lil:

Thanks for the tips! =)

Re Jave/Lil:

"We the so-called smart older siblings will be surpassed by our younger siblings... inevitably."

We don't know that yet right? You guys have already done it... We have not.. So... We'll see..