Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Honestly la...

Robert Pattinson.
Compared with Cruise and other actors, he's not that striking right?
Someone thinks he's hot only because he plays the 'perfect' Edward Cullen
(whom she unconditionally and irrevocably adores?).
I'd bet that any actor who plays Edward Cullen will be deemed '"hot" by her.
No matter how he looks like.

So, honestly, look at his features without attaching him to Edward and you'll get. . .


This is why

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Poll closes on the 8/12/08.

To my honoured but sadly misguided rival :
*Ne Ni Ne Ni Pu Pu. . .*
I'm winning, I'm winning! =P

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

Oh come on larh. There are so many other photos of Masato Honda, and you have to pick that one?! Besides, you're winning on my blog anyway. So far, out of 11 votes, you got 5. Rob Pattinson got 4 and Tom Cruise got 2. i can't believe YOU are winning.