Thursday, December 11, 2008


Okay, let's get this straight: I'm going to a painting competition in two hours and I have no idea what my group is going to paint or more, even know who two of my group members are.

And I have absolutely no idea how to paint, much more paint on a huge (comparatively to my normal drawing paper) piece of plywood with paint brushes and rollers.

Oh, man! How did I get myself into this???

Well, at least I know one of my group members know how to paint, and hopefully so do the two other guys. And hopefully, they have planned what to paint - which I doubt.

*Sigh* Jia Ahn is going to look like an idiot.

P.s. It's the Doulas Mural Painting Competition.


Jeanette said...

OMG. Did Jordan ask you to go?! Ahh...I think you going to this competition was my fault. Jordan actually asked me to go at first, but then I was too lazy to go. So maybe you were the last resort! *laughing like crazy*

But maybe you were too nice to refuse anyways =)

ja said...

Haha... Nope, you're safe. Daniel's the one that asked me to join. Haha. But it wasn't too bad la...=)

Got a free digi sim card also, which I have no idea what to do with..haha.. Too bad you bought yours already..

Anonymous said...

"Welcome to KUCHING"


Jeanette said...

Ahhh...ok. I though Jordan asked you.

So did you enjoy it? What was it like?

And why did you get a free digi sim card? Don't tell me you got a free sim card just because you joined the mural competition...

Anonymous said...

Jean - Yup. We did get free digi sim card just because we joined the competition


Eunice said...

Haha, u seem to be a big pushover :P