Monday, December 29, 2008

So it begins. . .

  1. PMR results are out.
  2. I got 6As and 1 more A.
  3. St. Joseph (my school) got 39 straight As; St. Teresa (Euffie's school and our main rival) got 61. =.= Girls are kiasu mar.
A few people who were expected to score didn't, and a few who weren't did. Oh well. To those who scored, congratulations, but don't get too cocky - SPM, not PMR determines your future; and to those who failed to achieve their goals, study harder - as I said, the one final exam is the one that matters (sounds so cliche).

Well, it'll be soon time for me to walk my talk - 2009 is just around the corner. I'm afraid this blog might meet it's end (die) next year; but hopefully I can keep it minimally breathing by posting once a week - hopefully.

This song is for next year - the time of chronos, the time for work, the time for perseverance. May God be with us and His love in us, in every thing we do, wherever we are, and in every thing we choose to do.

What Is To Come

And I'll say for now,


eStHeR said...

Congrats on getting uh..6A+1A.haha.=)

ja said...

Thanks.. =) Good luck for you next year too.

Samuel K Lis said...

hey wow congratz
ur piano is so uber cool. do u play in church?
oh n do u u compose an actual written piece or u play by inspiration?

smart[a]lex said...


ja said...

Thanks... I'm just starting to play at church.. =) And, no, I don't compose on writen piece although I do have the score in my mind - just too lazy to write it down, really time consuming... Do you compose piano instrumentals also?