Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The World = Unfair (for now)

In this post, I wrote about doing back to others what they do to you - an eye for an eye/revenge. Revenge has to do with getting justice and getting "even" with others - getting fairness.

Since we arrived in this world, all of us have been taught "fairness": you do bad, you get the 'rotan'; but if you do good, a candy awaits.

But I have come to realize that 'fairness' and 'our life on earth' just does not come together. Man try their best to get justice of everything; but try as they might, criminals go unpunished, innocent people are wronged. Sure there are laws and rules everywhere, but ask yourself, are there any man-made laws which can guarantee 100% fairness to 100% of the people 100% of the time?

So what do most of us do? We fight! Yes, we fight for justice, for fairness, for our right. We fight until what we perceive as 'fair' becomes reality. But ask yourself again, who are you to say what is fair and what is not? Do you really know what the accused was thinking and feeling when he did 'it'?

All we come out with is guesses. Educated guesses, but guesses nonetheless. Only one knows all, and He will judge when He knows the time is right.

So, take heart. Nothing goes unnoticed by Him. He sees, He knows, and He understands.

And next time a voice in your head screams "Not fair!", DON'T try to make it fair yourself; but instead remember that at the end, all things WILL be 100% fair.

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