Friday, June 19, 2009


Okay... Just an update about things happening... First thing: exams has been pushed forward - thanks to the band competition that my school's fanatic about. Don't get me wrong, they're good. *sigh* But that means one more week less to cramp my studies in. Oh yeah, and I would wish that the Education Minister would make up his mind whether SPM would be limited to 10 subjects or not and send the official letter to the schools. I (and I'm sure also lots of other Form 4 students) wouldn't want to waste the whole year studying a subject that will not be tested. And IF that ruling is carried out, I'm not sure which subject I should drop - either EST or Bible Knowledge. But apparently if I drop EST in my school, I'll be relegated from 4A to 4C, which is from the best to the third best class (or the fourth worst class). Hmmm... That will cause a stir up. =P But that's just IF the ruling is implemented and IF I drop EST (and not BK) and IF the school's insistent on making it compulsory to take EST in the A and B classes still. But, oh well, it's a thought. About EST, it wasn't compulsory to be taken in the beginning of the year and so the EST teacher was strongly implying that we should drop the subject. I say 'implying' because she made it clear that she didn't want us to go back and tell our parents that she asked us to drop the subject, but her message was obvious. Not that I blame her - I wouldn't want to stay back and teach a class that thought that the subject was easy and didn't put in effort. And on one occasion, she even had a talk with me after the class, asking me how well I did for my English last year; surprised that I did well; pointing out a bunch of mistakes in my earlier written essay; and strongly 'implying' that I should drop EST. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, but that was how I felt. And then, the school made it compulsory.... =.='

So, if I have to drop a subject, should I drop EST or BK? But whatever, enough of that. And there goes my alarm indicating that I should be studying about Kerajaan Islam di Madinah (Sejarah) now. And about the Islam topics in Form 4 Sejarah . . . . . . never mind, it'll be another paragraph of babbling and I'll save it for another post. =)

Okay, so where was I? Ah.. Exams. . . . . . . . . Okay, end of topic. Next, please.

Badminton competition in Marudi, Baram next week (it's in Sarawak, if you didn't know). Hmmm... For those who know me, you would know that I spent quite an amount of time on practicing badminton. And it is real training and not just playing for fun and entertainment. But the thing is, when the competitions comes, I really can't gear myself up to aim to be the champion. I some how feel satisfied with number two. But this is only for singles. For doubles, somehow, I'm more motivated to win. I think because it would be unfair for my partner if I don't give my best. But singles. . . Well, maybe it's because I never experienced getting champion in singles before - losing most of the time in the finals. And for this competition, I really don't have the confidence and even reaching the finals because I've really been lacking in my training lately. Plus, this will also be the first that I'll be competing only in singles (no partner for doubles), and I really don't know whether it'll be worth it spending a couple of hundred ringgit and 5 days just to lose in the first round and then waste the rest of my time there. Better to stay study, right? Actually, I sort of intentionally skip the selection for the tournament so that I won't be picked to go, and so I thought I wouldn't be going and told my parents so. But when I came back from my church's youth camp in the holidays, I discovered that I was still chosen anyway and that my flight to Baram had been bought by my mum. Oh well, I'll just give it my best shot anyway; might as well not waste the money. Ahhh.... 'exposure' I guess...

Okay, I've exceeded my limit again (no surprise; that's why I hardly blog now - really takes time). Hope you're satisfied - you know who you are. =)

Here's another "emo" song played by me. God bless.


theresa said...

finally! you've updated your blog!

Jhsien said...

well lil bro...of course I would say drop EST first....**

then again...if they make u tukar class then no choice lor...drop bk:)

the change from A to C is drastic ma:)...esp in terms of bio/chem/phys teacher quality...btw who is your chem teacher:P...xena?lol:)

oh yeah...are u still playing doubles with andy?

hang in there bro:)