Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Super Phone

2009-07-10 22:20 I am now typing this on my mobile phone. I've just found a way to transfer my text messages into the computer, and that means i can blog wherever i am and then upload my writings whenever i want! Hehe.. Come to think of it, my phone is pretty useful.. No, make that a very. Here's what it can do:
1. Call other people
2. Send and receive messages
3. Wake me up in the morning
4. Remind me of all my appointments
5. Provide constant music
6. Act as a pen drive to transfer files
7. Read - i can upload any e book i can find online
8. Study - i upload chemistry, bio, and physics text books into it - one book having more than a hundred pages
9. Blog
10. Learn new words i come across easily - it has a dictionary
11. Games
12. Take photos.
13. Take videos (of me playing piano)
14. Read the bible
15. Watch movies (i have 'A Walk To Remember' and 'Little Women' in it.
16. (And last but not least) Take pictures of my sister to annoy her - girls never seem to like having their pictures taken when they're not expecting it.

The only disadvantage it has is that it does not have WLAN/Wi-Fi. But those that do cost well over a thousand. Mine's only 500 ringgit. And i'm making use of every cent of it. Well, most people don't know what their phones are capable of and it's such a waste. Advice on how use your phone to its maximum capability comes with a fee of fi......
Just kidding. :) 2009-07-10 22:51

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