Sunday, August 15, 2010



You come into my sight,
And catch me there and then.
Like a lamb to a lion,
So I am to your words.

You open yourself up to me,
Showing me, telling me,
What no one can do.
Love and hatred, honour, horrors.

You slowly reveal your innermost secrets,
Captivating my body, my mind and perhaps my soul.
Through the wee hours of the morning,
The thoughts, the feelings, seem unending.

You are jealous and attention-seeking,
Demanding more and more of me,
Till I know not,
Whether my indulgence is right or wrong.

You wake up sentiments of the unknown,
That had laid dormant before your appearance.
Each turn I take with you,
Leads me to another wild experience.

You, finally, are but done with,
And my hands place you back to sleep.

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